Genesis Race

Genesis Race is the logical evolution of the popular Genesis pod harness. 

This harness makes you feel as comfortable during many flight hours as you do during your first hour in the air. 

The seat is the most important part of the harness because flight quality depends on pilot’s comfort. 

  • Advanced aerodynamic shape of the harness, improving glide ratio of your wing. 
  • Minimal gap between the pilot’s helmet and back fairing.
  • Anatomic support of back and lower back 
  • Anatomic support for the neck area.
  • New in-flight harness stabilization system.
  • New leg support system
  • Back support, adjustable with the movable cushion.

Anatomic support

Air stabilization system

Precise turn control

Low drag profile

The best choice for during long XC flight

This new and improved harness is designed for cross-country and competition pilots. Due to the new design, aerodynamic drag is reduced, which improves flight characteristics of your wing.  World Cup and World Championship pilots tried and tested Genesis Race technologies. We have taken into account their feed back and requests when designing the new Genesis Race.

Due to the thorough construction and testing of every element of the harness, the new Genesis Race is set to become the high-end equipment for your victories and achievements! 

  • Well appreciated Genesis innovative pilot seat. 
  • The new leg support system allows you flying without any tension in your legs. You do not need to worry about keeping your legs straight any longer because the new system does this job for you, while you keep focused on the flight. 
  • The new effective stabilization system allows changing harness agility settings during the flight with minimal efforts. You will be able to adjust these settings to the level of air turbulence and according to your own preferences. It takes only a few moves to choose between agility and stability at any given moment of the flight! 
  • The rear fairing shape has been designed with the help of aerodynamic flow computer simulations, using modern software and high-quality 3D model. As a result, rear and front fairing setup angles are optimal in terms of aerodynamic drag.
  • Simple, accessible and effective pilot seat designed with the perfect back support, with the focus on upper and lower back.
  • Anatomical shape of the neck support.
  • Back support, adjustable with the movable cushion.
  • Large amount of adjustments allowing the best fit of the pilot seat.
  • Balanced and effective steering Leg support, enhanced with the rigid parts in pod sides.
  • Cockpit ribs keeps all its weight out of pilot legs even with the ballast compartment loaded.
  • Secure quick attachment of the carabiner mounted frontal rescue (optional).
  • Original magnetic buckle to fix the cockpit in an optimal position and angle, relative to the pilot’s line of sight.
  • Easy usage of speed system, achieved with two bearing rollers per harness side. 
  • Three-steps speed system with adjustments for each step. 
  • Pocket for Anti-G with option to use it from the left or the right side.

High capacity front container with removable instrument panel 

Frontal cockpit with removable instrument panel and 5-liter ballast compartment 

Three ballast compartments with 15-liter total capacity

Room for hydration system 

Two side pockets with zippers 

Pocket for small belongings inside the cockpit. 

Mini-pocket power bank with cable port

Ballast tubes ports with zippers 

3-step adjustable speed system

Back compartment with pockets 

Elastic windproof speed bag materials, 

Option to fit the pilot’s leg length

Big bearing rollers in the speed system

Lockable bearing rollers (optional)

Radio pocket near the carabiner belt.

Big and light rucksack with small folded packing volume, easy fit into back baggage compartment. 

Suitable to carry the Genesis Race and a paraglider of any class, helmet, boots and accessori

  • Front rescue container allows deployment with any hand and to any side 
  • Built-in rescue compartment on the right side (optional: the left side or two compartments on both sides) of the harness 
  • ABS Automatic balance system
  • 18 cm multi-sectional certified protector
  • Harness
  • Rescue handle for internal compartment
  • 185-liter rucksack
  • Front rescue container (for customization with 2 rescue parachutes)
  • 3-steps speed system
  • Carabiners
  • Front rescue halyard fast-lock system.

The harness is certified to EN-1691 and LTF-09 standards.

Certificate number: 

Сertificate Number GZ-0532/16.


Low-drag fairing provides higher speed

Advanced back support

Adjustable cockpit mount for best view

Exactly fits the length of your legs

18 cm multi-sectional protector

Smart ballast support - no pressure on legs

Up to 15 l of ballast in 3 compartments

Big diameter pulley for easy push

ABS Stabilizing systems

Seat board for precise turn control

Adjustable speed system

Front reserve shoot for both hands


Tangerine tango

Flame orange


Carribean sea

Lightest sky


We can also make the harness of your favorite color.
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Genesis Race

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