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Anatomic support

Balance control

Precise turn control

Light weight

The best choice for during long XC flight
  •  Large front container with a large flight deck
  •  3 Ballast compartments, upto 15 liters of ballast in total
  • Possibility to install the hydration system
  • 2 side pockets
  • Compartition for small items in the front of the cockpit
  • Ballast discharge valve
  • Front cockpit has a removable flight deck and ballast compartment with volume of 5 liters
  • 2- step speed-bar
  • Large rear compartment with inner pockets for small items
  • Cocoon made of elastic windproof material
  • Big diameter rolling bearings (for easy pushing)
  • Self-locking bearings (optional).



M-size harness with a frontal rescue container – appr. 4,5 kg.

M-size harness with 2 rescue system compartments – appr. 5,5 kg.

M-size harness with a side rescue container – appr. 5 kg

  • Frontal container for the reserve parachute, deployment is possible with either left or right hands and from any side
  • Integrated container for the reserve parachute, right-handed position.
  • АВС system
  • 18 mm multi sectional protector

The harness was made with the best paragliding equipment materials:

  • Nylon 210D Ripstop 

  • Polyamid 420D Diamond Ripstop.

  • Lycra soft shell.

  • Special material Ripstop Dyneema

  • SkyTex

The harness is certified to EN-1691 and LTF-09 standards.

Certificate number: 

Сertificate Number GZ-0532/16.


Drinking system pipe

Leg rest adjustment

Anti cut-balls system

Transformer backpack




We can also make the harness of your favorite color.
Contact us to check available colors.

Table of sizes

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