Tandem pilot

Maximum comfort for the tandem pilot while in the air and at the start. For this purpose, Nearbirds introduces a hybrid seat.

  • A seat with separate legs, for easy launch;
  • A small board for good support in the air;
  • A large luggage compartment;
  • An airbag
  • A rescue parachute placed on the back, with an accessible spare wheel handle;

All this makes the harness convenient and safe.

Anatomic support

Air stabilization system

Precise turn control

Low drag profile

Comfort and safety for pilot and passenger

Harness adjustments:

  • Change back angle

  • Legs rest adjustment

  • Gap between legs rest adjustment. 

  • Seat adjustment 


  • Anatomic profile back 

  • Special belt with enforces fixation. 

  • Central zipper.  

  • Waist cushion for additional comfort. 

  • Upper compartment (mini sack) 

  • Big volume

Rucksack adjustment

  • Handles length change

  • Belt length change

  • Anti back pull system. 

  • Anti rock system 

  • Sack volume change

The harness was made with the best paragliding equipment materials:

  • Nylon 210D Ripstop 

  • Polyamid 420D Diamond Ripstop.

  • Lycra soft shell.

  • Special material Ripstop Dyneema

  • SkyTex

Certification in progress.


Adjustable width

Airbag and resque

Changeable lean angle

Separate legs support


We can also make the harness of your favorite color.
Contact us to check available colors.

Table of sizes


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Tandem Pilot

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